Things to do with MultiPing

MultiPing has a number of things it can help you with.  Here is a list of a few of them:

  • Monitor key servers or routers.
    Want to see the status of any of your important servers at a glance?  Need to know if they're responding, or responding *quickly*?  MultiPing can help you with this.
  • Pick the best server.
    If you're a gamer or stock trader, latency is important for your ability to make decisions.  Set up a list of possible servers that you *might* use, and then examine this list when you need to connect to or change servers.  MultiPing can sort your list of servers by latency, name, packet loss, and more.
  • See why performance is bad.
    Sometimes you may be getting poor performance from a server, and you don't know if it's a network problem or a server problem.  Use MultiPing to continuously monitor one or more servers, and then look at the ping performance to that server when you start to experience problems.  Is it a latency problem, a packet loss problem, or some other problem?  MultiPing can help you isolate that problem, and it captures history so you can look at the past few hours for problems that may have occurred during that time period.
  • Get alerted when a server goes down.
    MultiPing can be configured to alert when a server's latency or packet loss doesn't fall within acceptable parameters.  In the event of a failure, MultiPing can play a sound, change the tray icon, launch an executable, or email you.
  • Keep an eye on a server.
    MultiPing lets you float a graph on top of everything, transparent if you like, so you have constant access to status.
  • Keep your connection alive.
    Sometimes you need regular network activity to keep your connection alive.  MultiPing can do that for you, and gives you the bonus of collecting latency and packet loss data while doing so.
  • Monitor your VoIP server(s).
    If you normally use a VoIP phone, you might sometimes hear blips, feedback and garbled sounds.  If you're not sure if it's your phone or the other party, fire up MultiPing and have it monitor your VoIP server.  A quick glance can tell you if there's a network problem or not.
  • Get alerted when the IP address of your website or server (or home) changes (using Dynamic DNS)
    New with MultiPing version 3 is the ability to be notified if a target's address changes (based on the lookup address changes for a specific DNS name).  MultiPing can automatically notice the change, update the address it's monitoring, and then notify you of the change (via email or similar).
  • More!
    There are definitely a lot of other uses for MultiPing.  If you're using MultiPing in ways we've not talked about here (but think should be included), please drop us an email!