IPv6 and IPv4

Starting with Version 3 of MultiPing, you can monitor both IPv4 and IPv6 targets.

Picking the right type from a name

MultiPing will automatically pick the right address type when you enter a name. It uses the Windows-standard name lookup utility, so it will pick an IPv6 address over IPv4 based on how Windows works.  Some targets (a growing number of them, www.google.com is one example) will let you use their services either way.

If you know specifically which protocol you want to use, you can prefix the name with the IP type, like this:




If your computer supports that IP type, then MultiPing will use it.  If not, you'll get an error.

Changing the lookup priority

If you normally want to use a different method than what you have Windows using (maybe, for example, you have Windows always use IPv4 even though it supports IPv6, and you want to ping IPv6 if you can), MultiPing will also let you prioritize the lookup type.  Go to Edit->Options, Packet to make this change.