Support / Help

Visit the MultiPing home page at anytime!

We offer a number of online resources to ensure your success with MultiPing.  Licensed users get priority, but we happily offer as much help as we can give to people evaluating MultiPing.

Check the online resources

Since the help file you are currently reading is relatively static (i.e.: there is no way for us to update this without you downloading a new version), your first stop should be on our support site at This site has links to online resources and other active content.

Get the latest version

If you're having problems with something that you think is a bug in MultiPing, you can visit our web site to get the latest version.

Send us an email

You are always welcome to send an email to  We have a number of systems in place to make sure we get your email, but again, please check our web site before sending us an email since we may have resources there that answer your question (ie: FAQs, knowledge base, etc.).