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Network monitoring in 60 seconds

MultiPing provides a graphical view of network performance, monitors hundreds of targets, and sends automatic alerts. This affordable tool is great for professionals and newbies alike, and can be monitoring your network in less than a minute.

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MultiPing News

May 21, 2015 - Fresh Medium for PingPlotter Guidance - Video!

Several PingPlotter users have been requesting tutorial videos lately. We think that's a splendid idea and just uploaded the first video in the PingPlotter Tutorial series - "Getting Started Quickly".

This video visualizes several concepts covered by in the "Getting Started Guide", and you can find it on the newly constructed Pingman Tools Youtube Channel.

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May 15, 2015 - Kill Your Email with Slack or HipChat Alerts

If you've been thinking "Wow, PingPlotter or MultiPing REST alert events sure sound interesting, but what should I do with them?", integrating alerts with Slack or HipChat is an excellent first project. So excellent, we just published a couple articles that explain how to post messages to Slack/Hipchat rooms with REST alert events.

Beyond killing your email, we're interested in other ways you're using REST alert events to integrate your Pingman products. If you're imagining another fun integration, let us know about it at

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May 13, 2015 - iOS Sweetness Abounds

iPhone & iPad users rejoice! PingPlotter is making its first leap to mobile, and we're recruiting beta testers.

Check out the PingPlotter iOS Beta page for more information about the app and beta program!

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Important Stuff

Lots of new changes...

You've probably noticed the fancy new website by now - but we've also officially released MultiPing v3 (which includes IPv6 support!). For more details, be sure to check out the announcement page.

We've also officially launched our account page - which provides a slew of self-service options to help you maintain, and update your purchased products. Be sure to to check it out!