Pinging a Target

When you first start MultiPing, it's a "blank canvas" of targets.  You probably have a target in mind that you want to ping.  Just type that target into the "Enter New Target:" field and hit Enter (or click the "Add to ping list" button).  This will (with the default settings) automatically look up the IP address for the name you entered, start pinging that target, and also automatically show a timeline graph for that target.

As you add new targets, the addresses you entered are also added to the history list for easy access in the future.  If a target is already in history, double-clicking it will start pinging that target.  Right-clicking a target in history will bring up a menu to allow you to delete from history, or to alphabetically sort the history list.  This only manipulates the history list, not the current list of pinging targets.

Renaming a target

Lots of people enter targets in MultiPing as IP addresses.  Often these IP addressed don't resolve to a meaningful name.  If that's the case, you have a couple of options for changing the name to make more sense.

  • "Alias" the IP address by entering the IP address followed by a space, then the alias you want to use.  Example:
 My Server Name
    In this case, "My Server Name" will be used throughout MultiPing.
  • You can rename a target at any time just by right-clicking on the target in the upper graph and selecting "Rename selected target".  This will let you enter an "override" name.