Loading targets from a file

MultiPing supports loading targets from several file types - one general format, and one MultiPing specific type.

Loading generic target lists (*.lst, *.mpl)

MultiPing can load any list of targets from a file - one target per line.  Each line in the file is one target, and is parsed exactly as though the target was entered in the "Enter New Target" edit box.  Invalid targets in the file will cause an error to be displayed, and MultiPing then moves on to the next line.

Saving generic target lists (*.lst, *.mpl)

At any point, you can save the list of targets that MultiPing is pinging into a file that has one target per line.  This can be done from the File menu with the "Save Target List..." menu entry.  The default file extension is .mpl (MultiPing List), but this extension isn't special in any way.

MultiPing Workspace (*.mws)

MultiPing workspace files are created by MultiPing and store the "state" of MultiPing.  These can then be reloaded later to resume a monitoring session.  We have a help section on workspaces which outlines their use.