Welcome to the MultiPing Getting Started Guide

This guide is a hands-on, interactive learning tool to assist you in getting up to speed quickly with MultiPing. It's comprised of some introduction material, and a few exercises that will walk you through some of the major areas that MultiPing can help you with.

Getting started with MultiPing in 60 seconds

If you're new to MultiPing - getting started is easy! So easy, in fact, that you can download and install MultiPing, and also discover (and start monitoring!) every device that is currently connected to your network - all in about 60 seconds. The process is pretty simple:

  • Download and install MultiPing
  • Once the installation is complete - click on the "Run MultiPing Now" button
  • With MultiPing open and running - go to "File" -> "Add Address Range"
  • Select your router's gateway IP address from the "Initial address to add" drop-down field
  • Set the "Number of addresses" to "255"
  • Click the "OK" button

Voila! You've now added (and begun monitoring) every device that's currently active in your network.

Want to add some additional targets? Need to know how to read the target graph, or the timeline graph? Would you like to be able to be notified when a problem arises? Keep on reading for more information!